Generations of Angels: A Tribute to Four Beautiful Mums

To help celebrate and unite Mums, I want to honor and pay tribute to those who have made a difference in my life and the lives of others. Each month I will recognize an outstanding Mum (or Mums) and pay tribute to them! Not all Mums are the same: some are older, some are younger...some are mothers, some are fathers...some do not have any children they call their own. Whatever the circumstance, we have all been a Mum at some time in our life as we have nurtured and cared for others.  To make my VERY FIRST BLOG POST Extra Special, I will be honoring 4 very important Angel Mums in my OWN life!


Gramma Ruthie & my son Nathan in 2000

An Angel in Heaven, Ruth Julia Knapp (1920-2001) ~ my Gramma, beautiful both inside and out. She was eclectic and very trendy, well before her time! She loved people, and her outgoing and friendly personality made others feel important. Some of my fondest memories are dressing up in her old 4” heels and GoGo boots, exploring all her fancy costume jewelry, and spending many times camping at the beach with her and my grandpa. She made me feel loved, even when I felt like I wasn’t worthy of love. She supported me even when she didn’t agree with my choices. She taught me to be spontaneous, to respect nature, to be kind to others, to be outgoing and friendly, and to have FUN! I love and admire my Gramma, my heavenly angel, and I miss her everyday.


Me & Mom in 1990

An Angel on Earth, Gaylene Diane Knapp VanDrew Skophammer ~ my lovely mother. She is my ultimate example of kindness and service towards others. When I think of having Charity, the pure love of Christ, I think of my mom. She has had more than her fair share of ups and downs throughout her life, and has handled them with grace and dignity. She has shown me what true love really is!  Although not always agreeing with my decisions, she has loved me through thick and thin and has shown unending support, something a true Mum always does! My mom raised my siblings and me with the knowledge that we are children of God, and to act accordingly. She taught me to have faith, perseverance, and integrity. She has shaped my existence like no other person and I am forever indebted to her. I love you, Mom!


Sydney & Kira in 2013

Two Angels in my Heart, Kira Jade Bott Caraway and Sydney Drue Bott ~ mes filles extraordinaires! These two beautiful souls have graced my presence for 23 and 19 years. They have brought and continue to bring immense joy to my life and I am blessed beyond measure to call them my daughters. Each of these lovely women have many admirable qualities and they are constantly teaching me what it means to be an intelligent, strong, and courageous woman in this often difficult world. They both remind me that life is about having fun and being with the ones who are important to us! Kira is an awesome Health Coach who loves to help others live their best, healthiest lives (and she's going to make me a Gramma soon!). Sydney is an outstanding Hair Stylist who loves to help people feel good about themselves. I admire these two beauties greatly and will always think of them as my Sunshine and my Sunflower. I cannot think of two more amazing humans! I love you both so much!


As you can see, Mums come in all ages and circumstances. I really want to encourage you to think about those who have made your life better, and pay tribute to them in your own way! If you know of a special Mum you would like to publicly honor, you can contact us here.  Please provide some details about why they are important to you, how they have made a difference in someone’s life, obstacles that have been overcome, or anything else that would be applicable to show this person that they are loved and honored. Someone will be chosen based on our readers' needs at that time. Thank you for your thoughts and insights!

And now a few more pictures, just because I love them...

Kira & Sydney in 1999

Kira & Gramma Ruthie in 2000

Sydney & Kira in 2003

Sydney & Mom (Gramma Gayle) in 2011

Sydney & Kira in 2012

Kira, Me & Mom in 2013

At Kira's wedding, 2014

Kira, Me, Sydney & Mom in 2016



  1. I love browsing your website. With thanks!

    1. April

      Thank you so much, I really appreciate the vote of confidence! 🙂

  2. Renee

    Tears. This is such a beautiful tribute to some clearly extraordinary women. No wonder you are so amazing! You’ve been surrounded by living angels all of your life. Love your website, April! Love YOU, beautiful friend.

    1. April

      Love you so much, Renee!

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