Interested in a fun Side Hustle?

Me with King Julien and Maurice

Have any of you wondered how you could make some extra money on the side? Well, I’ve got an idea for ya! It’s not for everyone, but then again it might be something you’ll absolutely love - like I do!

For the past 5 months I’ve been doing a side hustle as an independent contractor for In case you don’t know what Rover is, “We’re the dog people - the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers” (as per It is a website for pet owners as well as pet sitters - where people can search for high quality pet sitters in their area, and those high quality pet sitters are notified of the owner’s request. If you are a dog lover, like I am, this might be a perfect side hustle for you!



Here’s how Rover works:


  1. Sign up and fill out your profile. Rover will require certain information from you, and they are particular about who they hire. If you are accepted as a pet sitter, you set your rate. Rover will pay you 80% of what you charge. They keep 20%, which is fine by me because I like that they provide insurance for all the pets I watch. It gives me peace of mind.
  2. When someone is interested in you as a pet sitter or walker, they will send an email through Rover. For me, it comes in as a text. Rover will assign each member a phone number unique to Rover, to keep their personal number private.
  3. You can then set up a “meet and greet.” This is a great way to meet the dog and owner to see if they are a good fit for you. It also allows the owner to decide if you and your home are a good fit for them too!
  4. After the stay is booked, the owner pays Rover the entire amount up front. The funds are held until 2 days after the end of the stay, and then you will be paid. I have mine directly deposited into my PayPal account. I love doing it that way, because I use that money strictly for back to school stuff, Christmas, and other things that seem to sneak up on us! Like the $80 calculator my son needs for math that I didn’t plan on. Or the occasional car repair that’s usually more expensive than we expect!


Here’s why I love working with

Mac and Sydney

  1. I get to meet different breeds of dogs that I may never have the opportunity to own.
  2. My kids love it! They help me and I believe it teaches them responsibility and how to be caring.
  3. I get paid to play and cuddle with doggies!
  4. I have my own link that I can send out in case someone is in my area and wants to book with me!

So, if you think this side hustle sounds like a great way for you to make some extra money, please use my personal link to check it out and sign up! I know you’ll be happy you looked into it!  --->



Harley cuddling with Kira

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