Musings of a Grandmum

I knew my time would come…my time to be a Grandma. In fact, I’ve looked forward to it for years – ever since my
oldest son got married over 4 years ago. I’ve prepared for this time. Talked it up even. Put aside toys that my youngest son has outgrown “for the grandchildren.” But there was no way I could prepare myself for the sudden and intense unconditional love I felt when that tiny bundle of pure joy was born!

It’s been a week now since he came into our lives. I’ve had the incredible honor of witnessing his beautiful birth and stay at my daughter and son-in-law’s home to be of whatever help I can be. I’ve had a little time to gather some thoughts. Here are five things that I have learned this week and that I love about being a Grandma:

  1. I am IN LOVE with being a Grandma! Just sayin. Although the feelings of birthing my own children (the last one only 12 years ago) are very similar and intense, it is also different in the sense that I really have it made! I get to burp the baby after he eats, change his diaper and get him dressed, take loads of pictures of all the cute little faces he makes, hold him, cuddle him and just LOOK at him! Yet, I don’t have all the responsibilities of a mom: breastfeeding, the pain of after-birth, baby blues, or the pure exhaustion that comes after giving birth. I have the best job ever!
  2.    I am constantly in awe of this little guy, and I cannot for one minute deny that he came from God.
  3.   It is a beautiful thing to watch my daughter be a loving, caring mom. Amid her insecurities and exhaustion, she loves that baby more than anything. My husband and I feel like the Beatles had it right when they sang “All You Need is Love.” How could this little baby thrive without love? If everyone had love for each other, our world would be a much more peaceful place.
  4. It is a difficult thing to watch my daughter go through the pain and frustration of being a new mom. It has
    brought back some memories of being a new mom myself, and we’ve been able to have meaningful discussions about some of the challenges. Even though I am thrilled beyond belief to be a grandma and I want to love and care for that little baby, my main responsibility is to look after, love and care for my own daughter.
  5. Motherhood is an amazing gift and I am beyond grateful that I have the privilege of being a Mom. Now I am beyond grateful that I have the privilege of being a Grandma!

I am so grateful for this chance to be a Gramma!


  1. Teniesha Williams

    Love this💛

  2. Kristine

    What a beautiful post!! I can see the love radiating through your words and pictures!

  3. Sandi

    You are the best grandma ever!❤️

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